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Helen McLorinan (nee Knaggs) is an artist born in the picturesque Bay of Plenty, Whakatane, New Zealand. The act of arting came about during Helen’s High School days, thanks to a couple of fantastic teachers. Her strengths being illustration work using Indian ink and dye. Helen spent most lunch breaks in the art room.

Her 20’s moving to Auckland in 1998 opened the opportunity to start showing artwork after a successful exhibition in a café on Great Barrier Island selling an eclectic range of work in a matter of weeks.

Her trade as a signwriter and bad eyesight helped build a style unique and identifiable to Helen’s work today. With a fluid brush stroke that defines the edges of her work. She has exhibited her art in various locations, including Great Barrier Island, Auckland, Bay of Plenty and Taranaki. With collectors from Australia, United Kingdom, South Africa, Japan and New Zealand wide.

Through her art, Helen aims to capture the essence of her surroundings and express her personal experiences in a unique and evocative way. Her work is a testament to her passion for art and her deep connection to the natural beauty of New Zealand.


Currently residing in the charming coastal village of Urenui, north of Taranaki, Helen's artwork reflects the beauty of the natural surroundings that have inspired her throughout her life.

Her studio is set amongst the perfect landscape at 487 Estate & Cafe, main road North Urenui.

Helen McLorinan Artist

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Public Art Studio - Open  Monday & Friday

487 Mokau Road, Mimi, Taranakii

Phone: +64 2740 55 49

E-mail: helenmclorinan@outlook.com

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