13 August 2023
“Wow! Mum did you do that? That’s awesome “at this moment I was drawing near the dining room table my 8 yr. old daughter walked past. Bringing reality of my
13 August 2023
The kete featured in my still life images is of a cherished gift from a special friend, mentor and fellow artist. I was gifted this kete from the family with
05 August 2023
As from 18th February 2022 every Friday you will find me in the beautiful grounds of 487 Estate. Where is this? If you are from New Plymouth? remember 'Mike's Brewery'?


Public Art Studio - Open  Monday & Friday

487 Mokau Road, Mimi, Taranakii

Phone: +64 2740 55 49

E-mail: helenmclorinan@outlook.com

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