24 February 2023

Beautiful Survivor


SIZE: 510MM X 610MM


PAPER: Ilford - Cotton Rag


In 2019 Taranaki Retreat's charity event featured a painting “Beautiful Survivor” it become the star attraction and raised $10,000 (100% of the proceeds going towards charity). The artist collaborated with the organizers to create a piece that captures the essence of the gala's theme, "Beautiful Survivor." Suzy Allen and the artist discussed their interpretations of the theme, which was inspired by the strength and beauty of Pohutukawa trees at Cape Reinga and Okupu Bay, Great Barrier Island. The painting celebrates the idea that, no matter where we are, we are never alone. We are the strength of our land, our people, and our place, and when we are weak, someone will always be there to embrace and support us. We are all beautiful survivors.

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