24 February 2023

Leaving Tui


SIZE: 225MM X 840MM


PAPER: Ilford - Cotton Rag


One spring Sunday in August, the Kowhai started to bloom then came the Tui singing steady tunes, there lay a calm from the bird song above, amongst the blustering breezes.
A message from the skies saying” you are fine to leave”.
We will remember every spring, the Kowhai vibrant, waving their blooms and we will think of him, let the Tui sing. 
Kowhai meaning in regions of New Zealand “the tree of life”, this tree is also from the pea family “peas in a pod”. It refers to authority and powers held by people to whom we look for help and life. Historically the roots of a kowhai tree were used for fishing hooks.
Tui is associated with life fulfilment. They act as messengers to the gods in the heavens.
They were the mediums to help communicate with the gods and goddesses of Māori beliefs.

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