Looking back and forward

13 August 2023


“Wow! Mum did you do that? That’s awesome “at this moment I was drawing near the dining room table my 8 yr. old daughter walked past. Bringing reality of my worth as I took in her words. How no matter the years or experience, I still struggle to take a compliment because I have this disconnection from the viewer and what they may take from my work. But with my own daughter “Wow!” I believed her. Why? Because she experiences the same surroundings that I do. She gets to sample the artist in real time – The meals, the music and the atmosphere from which my creative journey pivots from.

I think there is that cliche saying “It’s not you, it’s me” I found at a young age a way of recording my moods, passions and visions. I count myself fortunate. My recordings on canvas and paper will continue for the rest of my life and it is with this practise I hope to inspire. I am not seeking acceptance or pushing my beliefs through my art I simply hope to capture that moment.

So here is where I felt the importance to acknowledge my collectors and the admirers. Recently I asked on social media if you would share the artwork you have. When I work out on average that 600 + paintings of mine are out there it puts a mind-blowing perspective of just how many ‘WOW’s I have had already. I value you. Thank you for seeing my work.


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