New Studio Space in North Taranaki

17 February 2022
As from 18th February 2022 every Friday you will find me in the beautiful grounds of 487 Estate.
Where is this?
If you are from New Plymouth? remember 'Mike's Brewery'? well a few years back it sold and reformed with a brilliant restaurant/cafe called Cafe 487. Karen Prouse is your host nourishing you with good food and beverages. Just across the path is a fantastic vintage shop called Village Vintage owned by Melissa Moir and now there is me.
I am situated underneath the tree adjacent from the Cafe building in this sun-soaked cottage/kiosk (I haven't decided?)
I will open this month with my release of "Ocean series", this is a collection of work that I started in October of 2021 and slowly I have created with deliberate changes of slight dips and dives of the seagull wings in each painting.
The images I have used are from a local creator Wendy Henderson. Credit to her photography and permission for me to paint from. Check out her groovey garden art sculptures. Instagram:
I am loving the ocean hues, sea spray and deep wave blues. I have extended the 'Ocean series" to hardboard serving trays. Although these are sealed for paint protection I didn't really think any one would serve their G&T's on them so I have put hangers on the back for these to be hung. They remind me of the port holes from a ship (sticking with the ocean theme).
I will always have a good selection of my range of A4 prints available to purchase from the art cottage.
The opportunity to talk commissions on either my drawing or paintings.
My Friday studio - main road north 5 minutes from Urenui, 35 minutes north of New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand
See you soon..

Public Art Studio - Open  Monday & Friday

487 Mokau Road, Mimi, Taranakii

Phone: +64 2740 55 49


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