The Apple

26 November 2021
Ode to the artist, the forest, the hills, the light, the art and apples.
As November nears a close I wanted to share with you my incredible month with a fellow artist.
I had the privilege of spending valuable time with one of the most quick witted, woo woo and wonderful creatures for a WHOLE December will not be the same.
Our month started with me asking her "what is your definition of fine art"?
Here is my note taking: level of competence/confidence. Technique and backing that. Understanding the context. Level of experience. Experience. Maturity. State of mind.
This then lead to the suggestion of "googling" definitions: Fine art, Contemporary, Modern and industry?
I have a confession, I never did but nearing this week I felt more compelled to google the meaning behind an apple.
Why? because as our month together evolved we taught each other about leading light, story telling, meaning behind a painting, the difference of a teachers role with art and the student and just letting go, being wild, organic and not giving a HOOT of what people think about your work.
Back to "the apple" - to me an apple represents that traditional gift of giving the teacher an apple. Now before you google this maybe think about what an apple means to you?
An apple also represents "the forbidden fruit" Adam & Eve, which starts getting a bit off track for me BUT when I googled this my good old algorithm gave me just the right words.
Credit to Google:
Search: apple meaning for your teacher - Here, the "Tree of Knowledge" from which Eve eats the forbidden fruit, is often depicted as an apple tree. The apple therefore, is the fruit of knowledge, making it a fitting gift for a teacher.... in that tradition an apple for the teacher could be considered a sweet token for the teacher.
There is also reference to apples and arithmetic (not what I was looking for) and then there is "an apple a day, keeps the doctor away" more poignant I thought.
Here's hoping.
Thank you Charlotte Giblin for gifting your "teaching" skills in life, for a fresh friendship and all the woo woo moments.
Check out artist:
(Side note: this year has been filled with insightful artists working their magic with artful ways in my work place. I feel incredibly humbled by getting to know them and making connections)
Note: spelling not my forte. Perhaps I should go back to school :-) and listen to the teachers

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