15 March 2023




The Tongaporutu coastline in North Taranaki is a breathtakingly beautiful and ever-changing landscape, filled with striking cliffs and rock formations. I was captivated by the moody sky and dark, dramatic landscape, and knew I had to capture it on canvas. Using one of my own photo references, I painted a scene that was both awe-inspiring and deeply moving. This painting holds a special place in my heart, as it was my first visit to the Tongaporutu coastline, and it captures the essence of that magical place.
Signed by me, Helen Knaggs, before my marriage, this painting was created as a gift for my family, who helped us out during a difficult time. It's a reminder of the beauty and strength that can be found in nature, and a tribute to the people who supported us when we needed it most.


~ Small fine art Ilford cotton rag 310gsm  (40mm added all around print for framing) 675 x 225 mm $80

~ Large fine art Ilford cotton rag 310gsm (40mm added all around print for framing) 1200 x 400mm $210


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