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28 February 2023

Welcome To  My New Website

My intention here today was to type an interview style blog alongside my oldest friend. Why? Because frankly she has a better memory than I do.

Then I realised it is not about our friendship stories it’s about my placement in the art world and how I truthfully face up to it, that is what I wish for you to know.

For benefit of sharing the art side of conversation here was the question

“When was the first time you witnessed me as an artist?” (Note: we’ve known each other since 3 years of age). Answer “seeing your high school art folder”.

Her answer cemented and rounded off my ramblings here today.

You see it brought me back to basics, it set me off along a quick “visual” of where I began and what has changed for me creatively. Truth beknown my art is one of my truest friends. It has stuck with me through some of my darkest hours. Often showing patience that I did not possess.

My art practice now is one of confidence, facing this realism that I do have a career path and I have chosen one that I 100% love. What I had not realized was the disconnection it had got caught up in.

Guess what it was? Showing my work to the World in such an unconnected way.

I am a visual artist.

The breakthrough simply came from breaking it all down to its simplest form. Right back to my high school days and the lunch time art class hangouts. The buzz of my early years of sales achievements and to what I have achieved now a studio surrounded by a supportive community set in even more amazing grounds and art that connects to you.

I am rich in experiencing so many moments that have taken my breath away, that have brought a tear of complete happiness to my wellbeing, and therefore I create in simple. To give another that exact feeling.


I hope to do my best for you in showing my work to purchase from this portal and invite you to visit when you can at my studio in Urenui. Thank you